Ella is the first Playable Character to appear in FF:DS, and one of the most versatile characters in the game. She is a hired assassin plagued by nightmares about her actions unleashing a holy ruin onto the world. She begins her journey in the small town of Helmstock in an attempt to find information about her intended target.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Ella has long green hair and bright blue eyes. The crest adorned to her cape is a symbol of the Eye of Order, the guild of assassins lead by Fariska, to create a better world through murder. She wears a red silk bandana over her mouth to make her harder to identify. Throughout the game, she also wears a pair of brown boots.

Although Ella has concerns for the order of the World of Dreams, she keeps them to herself and attempts to carry out her orders to assassinate Kelm, the leader of the Cult of Crystals. Her loyalty is unmatched in her order, and overpower her own doubts and nightmares.


Not much is known about Ella's past, except she has no strong familial ties and even denounces the idea of it. She suffers from nightmares constantly about the people she's killed, but she believes that a higher power is causing nightmares involving her job to murder Kelm, the leader of the Cult of Crystals. Although she fears that the assassination could spark a traumatic shift in the World of Dreams, she loyally carries on with the job.

Stats and abilitiesEdit

Ella has the most well-rounded stats in the game, allowing the player to optimize her to the party's needs. Her job is Assassin, but it may be upgraded to Silencer through a side quest. She can weild daggers, swords, throwing weapons, bows, rods, and shields in her weapon slots. By default, she is wielding an Iron Dagger and wearing a Crested Cape (which, while equipped, provides benefits if you come accross other members of your guild), Leather Armor, Boots, and a Facemask.

Initial Stats:

Level 1 / 13 Strength / 20 Speed / 8 Stamina / 13 Magic / 10 Defense / 10 Resistance / 15% Evasion / 15% Magic Evasion / 30 HP per Level / 8 MP per Level / +2 Stat Growth

Ella has the special ability Pilfer, which allows her to steal from certain enemies and bosses, occasionally stealing rare and valuable items. She is not capable of performing magic unless given an Esper.

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