Ursa Cubras are #002 in the Bestiary.

Ursa Cubras, simply called Cubs by Helmstock villagers, are smaller bear-like creatures, with the exception of dark gray fur. They usually aren't aggressive unless provoked. They are often found in formation with an Ursa Mayjir.


Ursa Cubras are barely a threat in battle. Their Claw attack deals an insignificant amount of damage. They are primarily found outside of Helmstock.

Level 2 / 40 HP / 0 MP / 15 Attack / 2 Magic / 180 Defense / 30 Resistance / 12% Evasion / 5% Magic Evasion / 35 EXP / 32 Gil

Takes 50% damage from Physical. Takes 200% damage from Fire and Ice.

Drops: Potion

[Special Ability] Claw: Deals 125% physical damage.

AI ScriptEdit

1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Claw (33%)  

2nd Turn: Attack (100%)    

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