Ursa Mayjirs are #003 in the Bestiary.

Ursa Mayjirs, called Majors by the Helmstock locals, are the mothers of Ursa Cubras. They are much stronger and grow more aggressive when their cubs are killed.

Section headingEdit

Ursa Mayjirs are much stronger than their cub counterparts. They grow stronger whenever a cub is killed. They are primarily found outside of Helmstock.

Level 2 / 100 HP / 0 MP / 32 Attack / 2 Magic / 230 Defense / 60 Resistance / 15% Evasion / 3% Magic Evasion / 70 EXP / 32 Gil

Takes 50% damage from Physical. Takes 200% damage from Fire and Ice.

Drops: Potion

[Special Ability] Lifebond: Attack, Defense, and Resistance are doubled every time a Ursa Cubra is killed.

AI ScriptEdit

1st Turn: Attack (100%) 

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