Whispers are #001 in the Bestiary.

Whispers are spirits who took ethereal form in the World of Dream. Normally peaceful, they attack those who have taken lives of others, and grow more aggressive towards stronger players as their desire for revenge grows larger.


Whispers adapt their strength to the player's, but are almost always a weak monster. All stats are multiplied by the player with the highest level's level. They can be found almost anywhere in the World Map in the World of Dream, and have a darker and more sinister counterpart, the Shrieks, in the World of Nightmare.

Level 1 / 20 HP / 0 MP / 8 Attack / 8 Magic / 40 Defense / 60 Resistance / .25% Evasion / .25% Magic Evasion / 24 EXP / 20 Gil

Takes 200% damage from Holy.

[Special Ability] Murmer: The target loses MP equal to 20% of its current MP.

Drops: Potion

AI ScriptEdit

1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Murmer (33%)  

2nd Turn: Attack (100%)                      

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